Celebrities, Sportsmen and Now Royalty Use Emotional Freedom Techniques!

Many celebrities, and sportsmen, know how effective Emotional Freedom Techniques or ‘tapping’ is to alleviate anxiety or resolve negative emotions and now it seems so do royalty.

Royalty Use Emotional Freedom Techniques, or more precisely The Duchess of Cornwall does, for Fear of Flying

Revealed in a new biography “The Duchess: The Untold Story” by Penny Junor, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, taps to ease her anxiety around flying.

So Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, joins the likes of Lily Allen, Michael Ball, Deepak Chopra; and of course, myself and all my clients who’ve discovered the wonderful effects of EFT and easily and effortlessly:

  • manage anxiety;
  • swiftly and effectively get into the zone and deliver peak performance;
  • calm fears of flying;
  • address diet and weight issues;
  • or even clear negative emotions that is  are well past the ‘use-by’ date.

The Trigger for Your Negative Emotions May Surprise You!

One of the amazing things I find with Emotional Freedom Techniques is that very often the process of ‘tapping’ reveals the triggers, or the hidden aspects that drive one's negative response.  I recall the moment when one client discovered his fear of flying was associated with waiting in the departure lounge, and not the flight itself. It was the gentle ‘tapping’ process that helped to reveal the cause of his apparent fear of flying. We simply tapped away all his negative memories around waiting in the departure lounge, and queuing to board the plane.  This was sufficient to release his fear of flying completely.  He was able to calmly anticipate his next business trip and confidently took his next flight without any anxiety.  Now there's nothing to get in the way of either his career or taking his family abroad for a holiday.

Emotional Freedom Techniques really can move emotional mountains!