Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques - what is it exactly?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), sometimes known as “tapping”, is one of the quickest ways to treat overwhelming problems. EFT is a gentle treatment that successfully resolves issues, often in just one session. And one of the reasons it’s so quick and successful is because it doesn’t require any particular beliefs. You won't need to be persuaded that it will only work if you believe in it, or try hard; it just works!

Using EFT to resolve emotional pain

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system" says Gary Craig, the original pioneer of Emotional Freedom Techniques.  You see, EFT clears blockages on your body’s energy meridians; and it's these blockages that cause you to feel emotional pain.  Emotional Freedom Techniques resets your body’s pathways back to their original  “factory default” settings and diffuses the charge that causes your emotional pain.

I work with people who have experienced trauma, are struggling with grief, have anxiety or phobias. Some were scared of mice or had a fear of flying. Many have struggled with self-esteem issues. I'm delighted to say that many of my clients still use EFT on themselves to maintain their p

EFT is a treatment that combines the physical and the emotional with the verbal.  Sound complicated? It really isn’t!

What happens in an EFT session?

During our session we'll explore the experiences and negative memories that are upsetting you.  We'll clarify which emotions an experience or memory triggers in you, it maybe ‘anger’, ‘fear’, ‘sadness’, ‘hurt’, ‘guilt’ or something else entirely. We'll get precise about the feelings you're feeling.  When you're precise about your feelings, we’ll be targeting the EFT to make it super-effective at clearing your negative emotions.

The aim of EFT is to remove the "twang" of emotion you feel when you recall a negative memory.  It's experiencing this "twang" which prevents us from doing the things we want to do in life.  It's our emotional response that holds us back from living the life we want to live.

Using the words that resonate with your experience we’ll tap acupressure points on your hand and upper body.  While we’re tapping I’ll be watching for the little clues, the 'tells', which your unconscious reveals.  These 'tells' will help lead us to the deeper issues.  Our unconscious minds hide the truth from us, but there are tell-tale signs and I'll be there to spot them.  When we touch on something that has an emotional charge for you we’ll work a little more deeply on that issue until the emotion is cleared.  When it’s clear, we’ll move on to the next issue, and so on until all the aspects of the problem are cleared.

You'll want to try it - EFT is a powerful yet gentle therapy that is easy to learn and can move emotional mountains!

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