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What happens when you quit smoking ?

What will you experience?

Everyone knows there are a ton of reasons why you want to be a non-smoker, but what happens when you quit smoking ? What will you experience and what effects will it have on your body?

Without doubt one of the things you're going to love about being a non-smoker is you'll not only look and feel better, but you'll smell much better too!

Your blood pressure returns to normal


The nicotine in smoking causes your blood pressure to rise so, when you become a non-smoker, you reduce the risk of hypertension, heart conditions, and other health issues.

Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels which restricts blood flow to the extremities. So, don't be surprised when you find your fingers and toes feeling a little warmer soon after you become a non-smoker.

Even better, within 24 hours of your last cigarette, your risk of heart attack will have already decreased! Looking slightly longer-term, after 2 weeks to 3 months your blood circulation will have improved sufficiently to enable your blood to carry increased levels of oxygen around your body.  So when you ask " What happens when you quit smoking ?", the short answer is: your heart will benefit hugely!

You'll find it easier to breathe

Carbon monoxide levels halved

What happens when you quit smoking - The word Breathe in bright pink on a background of greenYes, your carbon monoxide levels halve ... and oxygen levels return to normal

Within a few hours of your final cigarette, the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood will halve, and the oxygen levels in your blood will return to normal.

Carbon monoxide eliminated from your body

After 10 days, carbon monoxide will be eliminated from your body.  Your lungs will start to clear out accumulated tar, so you'll be coughing a bit more. It's good news! You'll see real evidence of the good you're doing for your health and wellness. Your lungs are spring-cleaning themselves leading the way to easier, healthier breaths.

Exercise becomes easier

  Within a couple of weeks of being a non-smoker, you'll find breathing becomes a lot easier. Your bronchial tubes will begin to relax. Your lung capacity will increase making physical exercise much easier.

Fewer coughs and wheezes after just 12 weeks

Three months in you'll notice fewer coughs and wheezes.  The cilia inside your lungs, the tiny hair-like fibres that help to clear mucus, have regrown and cleared your lungs of the backlog of tar. In addition, your lung function will have improved by up to 30%.

Smoker's breath gone!

On the subject of breathing... great news! Your smoker's breath will have disappeared within just 24 hours of your final cigarette. We're only part way through the story of  what happens when you quit smoking, read on to learn about even more benefits.

Your heart will get a new lease of life!

What happens when you quit smoking - Heart shaped bowl of berries

Longer-term what happens when you quit smoking?

Your heart will get a new lease of life - for the rest of your life

A year after becoming a non-smoker your risk of heart disease and heart attack drops by half. As you enjoy your new way of life your heart will continue to benefit. 15 years after you stop smoking, your risk of heart disease drops to the same level as a non-smoker.

Your risk of stroke, cancer and chronic lung disease reduces too!

The chance of you developing not only lung cancer but other cancers too will reduce in the medium to long-term, as will your risk of heart disease, chronic lung disease and, of course, stroke. So you know, the sooner you become a non-smoker, the sooner you start to cut your chance of developing these diseases.

The long-term benefits may seem too far off in the future to powerfully motivate you to stop smoking now. Know this: when you become a non-smoker (at any age) it increases your life expectancy, provided you stop before the onset of serious disease.

Even if you're diagnosed with a serious disease, you still benefit from becoming a non-smoker.   As a non-smoker, your body will be under less strain and be more able to fight disease effectively.

You'll enjoy life more!

What happens when you quit smoking - Woman in sleeveless top smelling pink blossom

You'll have more energy

With improved blood flow throughout your body, your energy levels will rise.  You'll find it easier to walk and run.

You'll be more in the mood for love...

When you stop smoking you increase the level of oxygen in your blood, blood flow is increased and damaged nerve endings re-grow.  Combine all these benefits and things look good for your love life.

Add to that the findings of a University of Bristol study that 'people find smokers less attractive' and your outlook for love is pretty good!

Your senses of smell and taste are greatly improved

The cocktail of toxic chemicals found in cigarettes dull your sense of taste and smell.  So, after two days as a non-smoker, you'll be delighted to notice how much more you will enjoy your food and the, hopefully pleasant, smells around you!

Now you are better informed about what happens when you quit smoking - what next?

Now you know what happens when you stop smoking, how will you choose to become a non-smoker?

There are many ways to kick the habit, and some are easier than others.

Nicotine replacement maintains nicotine addiction

Perhaps you've tried vaping, nicotine patches or gum? Did these help you to overcome your nicotine dependence? I guess not. There's a good reason for this, their purpose is not to break your dependence. Put simply, they keep you addicted to nicotine.

When it comes to your health, nicotine is a big part of the problem. Whether in the form of a cigarette, vaping, gum or patch, Nicotine stimulates your central nervous system. In response, your adrenal glands release a hormone called epinephrine which causes your blood pressure to rise and heart rate to increase.

Cold turkey

What happens when you quit smoking - Young man in tee-shirt looking troubledIf you're strong-willed going 'cold turkey' may work for you. But you must be very strong-willed. Smokers that choose this route often feel they are still smokers at heart. They are smokers who are determined not to have that next cigarette. This is because they made the decision to become a non-smoker using their conscious mind, and the conscious mind is responsible for will-power. These determined non-smokers may give up smoking, but in the back of their mind is the ever-present thought of a cigarette.

While quitting this way will deliver many of the health benefits it is a challenging approach to quitting smoking. Oftentimes, people who quit smoking this way lapse and become smokers again.

Change your 'unconscious' mind and make quitting easy

Becoming a non-smoker is a whole lot easier when you get the co-operation of your unconscious mind. When you install a belief in your unconscious, your unconscious mind believes it, no arguments! If a hypnotherapist communicates with your unconscious mind and installs the belief that you are a non-smoker the challenge of becoming a non-smoker is easy.  Get your unconscious mind involved and your body, mind and behaviours all respond accordingly.

So,  to become a non-smoker easily, you must get your unconscious mind on-board with your desired beliefs about yourself and your new behaviours.

Choose hypnotherapy to become a non-smoker, for good!

What happens when you quit smoking - comfortable and supportive chair in The Hypnotherapist's Consulting RoomA treatment designed especially for you

The easiest way to harness the immense power of your unconscious mind to quit smoking is by working with a hypnotherapist, like me. Hypnotherapists take care to understand how you approach smoking.  They will take time to understand your personal history as a smoker.  Additionally, the hypnotherapist will help identify pressures in your life because they may contribute to your habit or, more importantly, pose additional challenges to you becoming a non-smoker. A significant proportion of your therapy session will involve gathering this information and getting to understand you and your habits as a smoker.

You don't have to make any effort, just sit back and relax

Next is the easy bit. While you sit back and relax, hypnotherapists use the information gathered about you and your old smoking habit and use it to reprogram your unconscious mind with your desired behaviours, beliefs and habits. You see how easy it is! A relaxing hypnosis session is the step you need to take to easily become a non-smoker and improve your health and well-being.

What happens when you quit smoking - Wooden sign saying 'Thankful'Start to benefit from all these health improvements, make a booking!

You can start to have all the benefits detailed in this article with the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can even book to see me.  It only takes one hypnotherapy session lasting around 2 hours to become a non-smoker.

When you overcome your nicotine dependence for good, there's no doubt, you'll enjoy life more and your health and well-being will benefit enormously!

So, what's stopping you? Book your Stop Smoking appointment today!


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