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Welcome to The Hypnotherapist

Hello and welcome to my website, I’m Heather Denny The Hypnotherapist.  I help people like you live more comfortable, successful and enjoyable lives.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Well for a start hypnotherapy, and more specifically hypnosis, is a natural process. You regularly drift in and out of hypnotic states throughout the day, so you’ll find it’s very comfortable, very easy to do.  As your hypnotherapist, I’ll help you take full advantage of this natural state to make positive changes in your life with minimum effort on your part. Whether you want to ease anxiety, develop confidence, manage stress, improve your sleep or quit smoking contact me because hypnotherapy can help.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you enjoyed life more?

With gentle hypnotherapy techniques I will help free you from the problems that are troubling you, that prevent you from enjoying life, because using hypnotherapy makes it easy for you to move on.

the consulting room of The Hypnotherapist

What is Hypnotherapy?

We all have an idea about what Hypnotherapy is and what it can do. You might have heard good things about hypnosis from a friend or read about someone being helped by a hypnotherapist and that's probably why you've come to this site, to see if I can help you.

If so, well done, you’ve found me!

Heather Denny The Hypnotherapist

My name is Heather Denny and this is my website I’ve been a qualified clinical hypnotherapist in Hertfordshire, and beyond, for nearly fifteen years.

Even before beginning my practice, I was involved in health-related organisations, from Clinical and Market Research for a pharmaceutical company to publishing a health newsletter. You see, because I was learning more about complementary therapies through the health newsletter, I naturally found myself drawn to hypnotherapy… and that’s where we find ourselves today.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look through and find what you’re looking for, or maybe you want to give me a call. I’ve got lots to tell you and all of it’s good.

Why would you want to work with me?

As a clinical hypnotherapist I’m trained to work with clients who want to change but just can't seem to make those changes on their own and besides, the results we get working together can be life changing. If there’s an issue that’s been bothering you, finding yourself reading my website could be your first step to a future more successful and contented than you’ve dreamed possible.

So what can hypnotherapy do for you?

Here’s a short list of how I have helped my hypnotherapy clients recently:

  • Some clients have habits they want to stop, such as smoking, biting their nails or grinding their teeth. If this is you then I’ll help you to quit
  • Many have suffered from anxiety and stress. Does this sound familiar? With my assistance you can achieve peace of mind!
  • Often people come because they have a fear or phobia such as visiting their dentist, a fear of flying, or of a particular species like dogs, spiders or mice. If you want to overcome your fears, I'll help you to feel calmer and more confident than you ever believed possible.

Some clients simply had painful memories that haunted them and stopped them enjoying life. Does that feel like you? Let’s get to the root cause of your painful emotions and resolve them for good.

Whether you're held back by emotional, physical or mental challenges, if you're really serious about moving forward with your life I can help.

So much more than hypnotherapy...

Along with my years of Hypnotherapy training and practice I have a whole toolbox of supporting therapeutic techniques. I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years so my clients benefit from both years of experience and continuous professional training.

As a result, I’m also an accredited and certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Yes, they are long titles, I’ll give you that!

You can relax... everything I do is based around finding the best, most practical and permanent results for you.
And hypnotherapy really is all about you because we'll be resolving your specific challenges.

I'll take the time to really listen to you and understand your personal history as a result I'm able to uncover the hidden  issues behind the challenges you face.

Need help but not sure where to turn?

Is there something in your life for which you know you need help, but don’t know where to turn? Contact me, I will listen to you, with total discretion, and form a plan of action. Together we will get you firmly and permanently on the right path for you. It’s as simple as that.

Happiness is yours for the taking, and besides it would be better to get there sooner rather than later, wouldn't it?

Call me. Send me an email. Take the first step to making your life as happy and free of stress as you’ve always wanted it to be, with me Heather Denny The Hypnotherapist.