EFT – 10 Reasons Why You Should Try It

EFT Tapping Points

So how can Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, help me?

If you’ve not come across it before, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is like acupuncture for your emotions.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is part of the wider field of Energy Psychology which is becoming increasingly popular.

Neutralise negative emotions with EFT

Many people are discovering the liberating and empowering effects of this emerging field. With this technique you’ll learn to use your fingertips to tap your acupressure points while ‘tuning in to’ a negative emotion. By learning and using this new skill you will neutralise troubling, negative emotions.  You'll be released from the constraints of limiting beliefs, no longer held back by your past and able to move on with your life.

The premise behind EFT is that an emotional or physical trauma can disrupt your body’s energy system. These disruptions can often be felt in the body as an emotional ‘twang’ of discomfort. Experiencing such a ‘twang’ is your cue to do some work to discharge the emotion or issue. If not resolved, these disruptions can lead to limiting beliefs and sometimes physical symptoms such as aches and pains.

10 Reasons You Should Use EFT

Read on to understand why so many people turn to EFT to support their healing:

  1. It is completely natural.
  2. EFT can help uncover the root cause of a problem allowing the issue to be resolved completely.
  3. It's measurable - before and after each round you’ll measure the strength of your emotion out of 10.  Then simply keep on tapping until you've got your measurement down to 0.
  4. You don't have to believe in its effectiveness, it just seems to work! Clients have skeptically agreed to ‘try’ EFT only to find half an hour later they've forgotten the emotion that was overwhelming them minutes earlier.
  5. It’s fast working.  Sometimes big issues can be resolved after just one or two rounds. Do be aware though, if miraculous results aren’t achieved immediately, stay calm and keep tapping - persistence is often the order of the day!
  6. EFT is gentle and pain free.
  7. Hidden benefits are common: as you resolve one problem you find you experience progress in another part of your life. For example after addressing an issue from your childhood you may find it easy to shed those last few pounds.
  8. EFT can work for anyone of any age; I've used it with infants and octogenarians, and many ages in between.
  9. You don’t need to always work with a therapist. Once learnt you can do it yourself. The techniques are simple and easy to learn and you’ll always have it with you in an emergency.
  10. EFT can be used in groups which makes the therapy very cost effective. Taking turns tapping along with other people will still have a beneficial effect on you – it’s well recognised and known as ‘borrowing benefits’.


If you have a health concern you should consult your doctor. EFT is a complementary therapy and works well as an addition to medical treatment.