Emotional Freedom Techniques Works!

Emotional Freedom Technique Works!

'Tapping' Clinical Trial Reports Great Results

This footage shows Professor Tony Stewart speaking to BBC Midlands about a Tapping pilot run by doctors in Sandwell. 35 out of 36 patients showed improved symptoms after as few as five Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions.  Click on the video above to hear the story!

This news report explains that after six weeks' EFT treatment, 35 of 36 patients were showing 'normal' on a range of measures. This successful trial has prompted the GP practice to train a further 20 EFT Practitioners.  These additional practitioners will enable the surgery to extend this mental health service to a greater number of patients.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Works in Welwyn Garden City

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as 'tapping' or EFT, is available with Heather Denny, the Hypnotherapist in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 7NQ.

Every few months Heather Denny runs group sessions at the Quaker Meeting House on Handside Lane in Welwyn Garden City.  At these sessions you can learn the techniques and even work one-to-one with Heather.  Private sessions are also available close to the town centre.

Call Heather on 07834 754608 to chat about how 'Tapping' can help you overcome anxiety, trauma, negative emotions and more. In just one session you will learn enough about the technique to successfully give yourself some emotional 'first aid' Tapping.  So, whenever you feel an uncomfortable emotion building, you can discreetly tap on yourself and feel more comfortable.  Go on, give Heather a call!