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Heather Denny, The Hypnotherapist Reviews

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Verified Client


Ryan C on October 16, 2018 at 20:28:44
I felt very sceptical about having hypnotherapy but after seeing Heather three times I feel so much more positive and confident with my life moving forward. I would not hesitate in recommending Heather as she made me feel at total ease throughout the process.


Verified Client

Heather was brilliant and I would recommend her to any of my friends  

Pam on June 10, 2018 at 13:55:41
I was very anxious about having an angiogram and I sought the help of Heather - well what can I say she was brilliant - I actually was quite in control throughout the whole procedure so much so when I have my heart surgery I will have another session and I have a couple of friends who would like to meet her. She was excellent.

Verified Client

I do have a bright / happy future to look forward to  

Angela on April 17, 2018 at 11:27:15
I was experiencing great deal of turmoil in my personal life while working full time in a very demanding job. This included dealing with a divorce, the loss of my father and two other close family members. Heather was recommended to me by a friend who was sure Heather's guidance and warmth would put me at my ease as well as give perspective to all that was happening to me as well as the ability to see light at the end of the tunnel. I can honestly say I have achieved far more than this in a very short period of time. My self esteem and confidence have improved and I now appreciate I have a bright future ahead . I found the whole experience so beneficial that I will now be attending Heather's Group Sessions.

Verified Client

Amazing results resolving phobia– highly recommend Heather !  

Michelle, Welwyn on March 27, 2018 at 12:06:41
I have had a phobia of mice or any type of rodents for nearly 40 years- earliest memory as a 7 year old. The phobia was so bad I could not even look at one in my childs book, on the TV or speak about them. My most recent embarrassing encounter, I was frantically trying to climb out the windows of a waiting room, screaming at the top of my voice, made me realise I need to get this issue resolved. I was aware of NLP and had hypnosis in the past to give up smoking so researched local practitioners in the area. Heathers profile stood out with regard to her qualifications but even more so , peoples positive reviews which tell you more.
I have had 3 sessions - combination of NLP and EFT (Emotional Frequency Tapping). The results have been fantastic. In my last session I was able to look at a video of a running mouse and sit calmly looking at it. I would not have believed that possible.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Heather. She is a caring, friendly lady with excellent intuition and empathy. She reads and understands people very well and switches and adopts techniques/therapies to suit the individual. Highly recommend.

Verified Client

Massively Appreciate Heather Positively Changing My Life  

Julia on March 23, 2018 at 15:35:30
I had attended a Psychaistrist and two different therapists for a combined total of over five years. Each enabled some improvement but issues resurfaced. I was emotionally damaged by a traumatic childhood, diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder, sometimes nuerotic and felt my rage was digesting me. I also had a lot to cope with ongoing volatile family situations and poor self esteem. I was not on any medication but was struggling to deal with deep rooted feelings, had difficulty sleeping and sometimes felt a failure.

I massively appreciate the positive difference Heather has made in my life. I had given up hope of feeling differently, with so many years of emotional stress suffered. I didn't immediately choose to attend therapy with Heather because I felt beyond help. I am so glad I reconsidered because I could not have made a more positive choice, as personified by feeling so good now.

I have learned to cope. At our first consultation meeting, Heather told me she could not take away my traumatic memories but could change the way I feel when remembering them. This is exactly what has been achieved. I have become calmer and feel I now have a reasonable overview. I am able to use the coping strategies learned, to deal with family confrontations. E.F.T. is surpringly and exceptionally useful. I have learned to also do this outside of therapy sessions. It is very cathartic and helps to completely dilute negative feelings. After discussing devastating incidents with Heather, I did not binge. I actually broke the predictable cycle. When I now recall those same incidents, they do not impact upon my behaviour. My sub concious mind has learned acceptance, through Hypnotherapy.

I now understand and accept, I am too hard on myself. I felt I had crumbled but I realise I can be strong again. I hadn't identified as having unrealistic low self esteem. I now know I have many positives and I am my biggest critic! I have learned I can feel in control of my emotions, despite what has happened. I was surprised at my automatic and positive reactions to challenging situations, because of the foundation Heather has given to me.

I am a positively different person because of Hypnotherapy. I feel enabled to confidently deal with expected family confrontation, rather than always dreading it. My attitude is so different and I no longer feel swept along by manipulation of others. This means a better future for myself and those who love and care for me. I now have the tools to cope and my rage no longer digests me. I was so scared of regaining weight, to become morbidly obese again. Heather has tackled the root cause of this in an incredible way. I feel confident in not becoming obese or having a huge emotional melt down again. My future will be better in so many ways.

I found exactly what I needed, despite feeling it wouldn't work. I discovered sub concious feelings which I wasn't aware of and addressed those. I can not emphasise enough, how grateful I am to feel as if I am firing on all cylinders now. Heather is a naturally nice and caring person and I thank her for positively changing my life, when I had given up hope of this.

Verified Client

An incredible journey - one which I would encourage everyone to explore if you feel held back by negative emotions  

Katie, Welwyn on March 06, 2018 at 13:07:27
Heather is amazingly warm and I felt instantly at ease. Even when discussing difficult emotions, Heather was empathetic and non-judgemental. It emerged that low self-esteem was at the root of many of my issues and which was holding me back in life. After only 3 sessions my life is transformed- I feel much more confident, relaxed and more equipped to face new challenges.

Verified Client

It works!  

Simon H on February 14, 2018 at 17:27:37
Having never had hypnotherapy before I was a bit apprehensive before the session. I needn’t have worried. I felt at ease immediately upon arrival and throughout the session. Best of all, it worked and 3 months later am still a non smoker and previous triggers to smoke have been removed. Thoroughly recommend Heather (and have!)

Verified Client

Great service, great results  

Anon on February 06, 2018 at 12:29:15
Heather was a very good listener, asking questions that helped her and myself gain a better understanding of my problem. She was easy to talk to, and we tried several different therapy options. I'm not sure whether it was one or all, but I believe she has resolved my issues and helped me feel more confident in all my activities.
Thanks Heather!

Verified Client

Thank you Heather, your calm and caring approach was just what I needed.  

Tara Bathija on December 22, 2017 at 13:11:54
Heather was a great help for me. She listened and took her time to understand me. She helped me through the only tragedy I have ever been through. She has given me tools to help me cope with other obstacles that we all face in our day to day lives. I couldn't recommend Heather enough.

Verified Client

I'd recommend Heather in a Heartbeat!  

Sam D on December 20, 2017 at 13:11:15
I'd recommend Heather in a heartbeat! She instantly put me at ease, and though I had no prior experience of the therapies she offered, she explained all to me and I felt very comfortable tackling the issues that I had brought with her recommendations. The sessions were incredibly useful, provided a new way of thinking and I felt a weight off whenever I attended. Thank you!

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Anxiety and Behavioural Issues Testimonials

“My 9 year old son had one treatment and it has made a significant difference to his anxiety and behavioural issues. It has turned our lives around for the better and we have never been happier! I truly believe you do some amazing and life changing work. Sincerest thanks.” E Hardy, Bedfordshire

Confidence building and Performance Anxiety Testimonials

“I was embarking on a completely new career which involved getting over a lifetime fear of presenting to a room of people. After spending time with Heather she turned this fear around and although I still feel nervous before delivering a course, it's not overwhelming anymore and my confidence has grown enormously. She also gave me tools to re-align myself if I ever worried of reverting back to my old ways and I have absolute faith the methods will continue to work for me. I made an immediate connection with Heather's easy manner and I am eternally grateful for how she helped me!” Sarah M, Knebworth

‘My son is a good cricketer and frequently opens the batting for his team. Last year he had a poor season and ended up losing his confidence completely, he was frequently out with only a few runs. Every time he went into bat his nerves ended up getting the better of him which started a vicious circle. We went to see Heather who used EFT to help boost his confidence and break the cycle. The session was extremely positive and Heather gave him techniques to use when going into bat - the end result was that with restored confidence his batting improved and his season ended well.  I would definitely recommend EFT to other parents of children who are having a crisis in confidence, I am sure it would also be useful for exam stress especially at this time of year.’ Anonymous, Hertfordshire

Fear and Trauma Testimonials

‘I came to see Heather after being recommended by a good friend. I wanted to try and deal with a deep set fear of dying and leaving my children, which I just couldn't shake off. I was starting to panic even when I heard of other people with children being ill. I had four appointments with Heather but these sessions expanded into discussions around many other issues that also impacted on my life. The difference that Heather made was amazing, my fear of dying just quietly went away without me even realising. She had a massive effect on my worries around flying too. She is a lovely warm person and very easy to be with. I would recommend her for specific issues or just a general life approach tune up.’ C Smith, Hertfordshire

Hi Heather, Just a quick line to say thank you. I came to the EFT session with a 44 year old fear trigger, and an hour later, you'd transformed it into a friendly trigger, one that both calmed and empowered me to take appropriate action. If I hadn't experienced this for myself I wouldn't have believed it was possible, and in just one session, and via Skype - amazing! Thank you so much Heather.  Natasha J, Berkshire

“I first went to see Heather in January with a problem based on my childhood that I could not shift at all. It was a very sensitive issue which I find very hard to talk about. Seeing Heather a few times really helped, I felt really relaxed; she makes you feel very warm and welcome. We went through different techniques to help talking about issues and I felt this was very useful. I also went back to Heather for other issues for Anxiety, same again used some different techniques and also hypnotherapy which I found really good, nothing to be frightened of, I found this really relaxing, and would definitely recommend it. I'm feeling much better now and would always go back to Heather if I needed too.” Anonymous, St Albans

Breaking Habits and Addictions Testimonials

Thank you Heather for helping me to stop my nail biting habit. As you know, I have been a nail biter for as long as I can remember. I have never had any nails and would bite them continuously. Now, after one successful session with you, I have managed to not only grow my nails but my fingers do not find themselves in my mouth as I would often find without realising.  I do not hide my fingers anymore and I enjoy spending time painting my nails and caring for them. I would recommend Heather to anyone. Heather makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. After my hypnosis session I also felt energised and uplifted. Thank you again for your help! V Lewis - Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Many thanks for your help with our son's fear of dogs. I know that he enjoyed the session with you. He initially came home slightly improved. However, having practiced the exercise you gave him to do at home over the course of the next week or so he improved dramatically. We very much appreciated your follow up contact to check his progress. Not only is our dog now his best friend "in the whole world" but our son is also now not scared of any other dogs. We can now go to the park without a huge fuss about the possibility of coming across dogs. All our lives have been immeasurably improved. A huge thanks for everything you did. Abi & Marc Rawling, Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Fear of Flying Testimonials

"It was absolutely amazing!! All the techniques I learnt really helped on the flight and I actually enjoyed it!! I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support, conquering this has given me my confidence back. We are already booking our next holiday abroad!"  R Jones, Welwyn Garden City

Fear of Dental Treatment Testimonials

"I went to see Heather to help me with my fear and panic due to my very bad gag reflex which prevented me from benefitting from visiting my dentist. After three sessions of hypnotherapy I am 100% improved.  All the work has been completed and I am at last happy to smile in public!  Thank you Heather!"   Lisa B, Welwyn Garden City

Overcoming Upsetting Thoughts Testimonials

"I'm pleased to report that I have been using the EFT technique since we met - I find the tapping on my hand to be particularly calming and relaxing (and it's quite hard to tap elsewhere whilst at work without the whole place thinking you're a bit mad!!) I honestly feel it's helped me to get over the bad thoughts faster than I ordinarily would have. So thank you for teaching me the technique. I was honestly quite amazed at how you seemed to know how I was feeling within minutes of meeting me. The whole session was very enjoyable, re-assuring and calming. Thank you. I'll continue to use the technique as and when I need to. I will certainly be recommending you. You're excellent at what you do!"  EP, Hertfordshire